World Listening Day occurs each year on the 18th July. This year Dan Mayfield from the School of Noise will host a special soundwalk around Victoria Park and the surrounding area.

This event is suitable for all ages, it will involve walking but we shall have regular stops. Social distancing will also need to take place between members of the group. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

There will be three walks during the day with each one lasting 1 hour.

Tickets available here:

What is a soundwalk?

Soundwalks allow those taking part to experience their surroundings in a way they might not have done so before.

By walking slowly and quietly, and by trying not to let our eyes tell us what to hear, we can open up our listening senses to take in the rich tapestry of noises that surround us.

On this walk, Dan will introduce the group to the history of soundwalks and the World Listening Project. The group will then take a walk around the area listening to the sounds and stopping along the way to discuss what they could hear and share ideas and experiences with one another.

Dan will also bring along a hydrophone that will allow the group to listen to underwater sounds. Participants will need to bring along their own pair of headphones.