Perform a graphic score

Step 1: Discover

Scroll through our gallery of graphic scores that people have already made.

Select a graphic score you like the look of, click on the image and select download.

Step 2: View

Choose how you would like to view the graphic score. You can view the graphic score on your device or by printing it out.

Carefully study the graphic score. Is there anyone you can discuss you thoughts with? What do you think the images and symbols represent?
Are there any instructions that the composer would like you to follow?
Keep a note of your ideas.

Step 3: Instruments and objects

What sounds will you need to perform the piece? For example, your score might have an instruction to use something made of metal. What could you use? A spoon or a tin? A triangle or a tap? Or maybe a paperclip or a trumpet? Find things that you have available, are safe and you have permission to use.

Step 4: Rehearse

Now that you have studied the graphic score you are ready to start playing the piece. You might want to practice or you may decide that you want to improvise. Try to follow any instructions as best you can.

Step 5: Perform

It’s time to perform your interpretation of the graphic score! You can video the performance or record the sound it’s up to you. Ask an adult to record the performance using a phone or recording equipment. Once you have finished and are happy with your work it can be emailed to

If you have a photographs of the equipment you used we would love to see what you used to perform the score.

We will upload the recordings and videos to accompany the graphic score you chose.