Dan Mayfield

Head of School of Noise

Dan is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound artist and author. He founded the School of Noise in 2015 and has delivered workshops and activities to children and families around the world. He has also played violin as a session musician with folk and indie bands including Daniel Johnston, Darren Hayman, Wave Pictures, Allo Darlin’ and Carter USM. Dan studied sound engineering at college and acoustic ecology at university.

James Mabbett

Facilitator (Yorkshire)

James Mabbett is a composer, musician, producer and sound artist, living and working in Pennines. James produces large-scale, site-specific sound installations, delivers experimental music workshops, provides scores for award winning films, composes for large ensembles and releases music and tours internationally as Napoleon IIIrd.

Sue Harding

Facilitator (London)

Sue is a professional Foley artist who has helped with School of Noise on a number of occasions. She has worked on a huge number of films and television shows including Alien, Les Miserables, Sherlock, In Bruges and Peppa Pig. You can hear Sue being interviewed about her work here

Hector Plimmer

Facilitator (London)

Hector Plimmer is a producer, drummer, DJ and graphic artist. He has steadily built a career bridging scenes and sounds, from beats to jazz, broken beat, house and techno, whilst at the same time honing a distinctive sound, balancing lovingly crafted low-end with precision engineered percussion and a knack for enticing melody and arrangements.

Harry May

Facilitator (London)

Harry is a producer and software developer with a background in childcare/early-years education. He has built multiple plugins and software instruments for Ableton Live and developed audio-visual environments on the web and in game engines like Unity. Harry loves to code not only to overcome obstacles in music-making but also to explore new sounds and places. At university he studied sound design and music theory from a socio-political perspective.


Facilitator (Birmingham)

Moyma has over 10 years experience delivering and creating music and visual art projects over the UK and worldwide. This has included music theatre projects, visual art exhibition work, touring as a DJ and writing music that’s been used on film & T.V. He has taught music & visual art to a range of levels and age groups within schools, referral units and prisons nationwide.

Matthew Tuckey

Facilitator (North East)

Matthew is a sound designer creating work for the stage and screen and a sound artist working across abstract composition and contemporary art. His design practice is centred on how sound can act as an immersive storytelling device and his sound art compositions encourage an increased engagement with our acoustic environment. Matthew also works as a location sound recordist and sound assistant for film and TV.

Oliver Payne

Facilitator (Norfolk)

Oliver is an artist, sound designer and musician interested in improvisation. His work focusses on discovering the unheard and unusual through kinetic sculptures, improvised performance and sound-based mark making. He has created sound and music for a wide range of clients including National Trust, Adidas and H&M.

Oliver is founder of Eastern Ear, YARMONICS festival of sound and new music, and Programme Director at disability arts charity, Musical Keys.

Cecilia Tyrrell

Facilitator (London)

Cecilia is a sound and new media artist from London. Her focus is built upon the practice of Deep Listening, embracing the physical experience of sound. She uses field recording and soundscape composition to explore how sound and our imagination can intertwine, sharing these experiences through workshops and talks, in the hope of encouraging others to embrace a mindful approach when engaging with our sonic landscapes.

Rebecca Glover

Facilitator (London)

Rebecca Glover is a multidisciplinary artist and Foley artist working with sound, sculpture and performance. She creates multisensory experiences that present alternative perspectives for listening and engaging with the world.

Rebecca has worked on a wide range of film and TV projects including The Crown, Call the Midwife, and Peaky Blinders.

Jacob Mayfield

Facilitator (Kent)

Jacob is a producer, DJ and electronic music composer. He holds a BA degree in Creative Music Technology from Anglia Ruskin University and is an Apple certified trainer of music production software Logic Pro X. Jacob writes music under the name Yukka. He has released solo records as well as part of the electronic pop duo Victoria and Jacob who have received critical acclaim from the BBC, NME and Time out.

Mark Williamson

Facilitator (Yorkshire)

Mark S. Williamson, a musician, sound artist and educator based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. His work is often made in response to his environment, working on location, combining field recordings with electronic and acoustic instrumentation, usually recorded outside, amid the landscape and weather.

Mark has recorded for wiaiwya, Apollolaan, the Dark Outside and his own Forged River Recordings. His work has been reviewed by The Wire, Electronic Sound, Shindig and The Quietus and he was one of the fourteen artists featured in Electronic Sound Magazine’s ‘field recording special’.

Ella Kay

Facilitator (Lancashire)

Ella is an electroacoustic composer, sound artist and designer, and saxophonist. Using field recordings and ‘found sound’, her music aims to interpret the intricacies of humanity through a mixture of live performances and fixed electronic pieces. She is currently working on interactive sound-movement tools for live performance, and radiophonic storytelling. Ella studied Music at University of Manchester and returned to complete a Masters degree in Electroacoustic Composition and Interactive Media. Her music and research have been presented in festivals and concerts around the UK and internationally. In October 2022, The Radiophonic Institute and PRS Foundation recognised her work with an Oram Award and Special Commendation for innovation in sound, music, and related technologies. She is a member of RNCM/University of Manchester’s Unsupervised Machine Learning 4 Music group, and has worked professionally in sound design for theatre, radio, and music.

Alice Hubley

Facilitator (London)

Alice is an electronic musician and vocalist with an ever-expanding collection of analogue synthesisers. She has played in countless indie bands over the years, fronting synth-pop duo Arthur and Martha and motorik pop band Cosines, receiving critical acclaim from NME, The Sunday Times and the BBC. Alice studied Electronic Engineering with Music Technology at York University and Acoustics at Leeds Metropolitan University before working for several years in the field of acoustics consultancy. She now works part-time in arts marketing alongside her music-making. She currently performs in Mass Datura and has recently completed a solo synthesiser album under the moniker Alice  Hubble. instagram.com/alice_hubble

Joeri Pronk

Facilitator (Netherlands)

Joeri is a musician, producer and sound artist based in East London. Growing up in The Netherlands he received a BA degree in Bass Guitar Jazz from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2010. Joeri has a weak spot for effect pedals and loves to create sounds which are impossible to identify. joeripronk.com