School of noise

Our friends at the School of Noise run online and offline workshops for children, young people and adults encouraging the exploration of music and the science of sound. They’ll be performing a selection of their amazing instruments and tech, and talking about their work


Inspired by Nam Jun Paik, VideoDropVideo is an interactive installation that plays with randomness, video, sound and meaning. How can we piece together the things that matter from the surrounding chaos? Gawain Hewitt and Tim Yates will bring the installation that they made for our last appearance at the Tate Modern in 2019.

The Hackoustic Orchestra

The legendary Hackoustic Orchestra will make it’s return – expect to be astonished by a musical ensemble the like of which has never been seen 🙂

Howard’s Mystery Instrument

Our regular very special guest Howard Batchen will be bringing along another amazing mystery creation for your delectation. Prepare to be amazed!

Frazer Merrick

Composer, sound designer and all round noise maker, Frazer Merick uses field recording, circuit bending and instrument building to create carnivalesque experiences which explore the act of play. He’ll be helping us to discover a hidden world of sound with the Photon Smasher, the handmade microphone that turns light into sound. Frazer will turn flashing bicycle lights in glitchy rhythms and colourful LEDs into sweeping melodies.