Music Machine 41

Composed by Simon Belshaw

Based in UK

Added on 9 June 2020

This graphic score uses a computer program to generate different rules each time it’s performed. This type of music is sometimes known as aleatoric, which means random.


To view the Music Machine follow this link:



Gather a number of performers (minimum of 4)

Split into 4 groups (roughly even numbers)

Each group follows a single area (top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right)

The screen will show black for 8 seconds (a timer is counting the seconds in the centre of the screen)

Then play according to the colour code:

Red = don’t play
Green = play
Yellow = either play or don’t play it’s up to you.

Play a single note of your choice for the duration that is shown on the screen, fading in and out as smoothly as possible.


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Graphic score: Music Machine 41 by Simon Belshaw

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